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Natural Waistline Identified With A Piece of Tape or Elastic

Body measurement are taken over light under Baby or Children Clothes with barefoot. The natural waistline should be identified with a piece of tape or elastic.

Height:- The child height and other vertical measurements are taken with the child standing erect with the feet together. The height measurement is taken from the head crown to the soles of the feet.
Chest/Bust:- The maximum girth measurement under the armpits with the tape passing over the soldier blades and across the chest or bust.
Waist:- The measurement of the natural waist girth measurement with the child's abdomen relaxed.
Heap/Seat:- The horizontal measurement taken from the fullest part of the seat.
Across Back:- The measurement taken from the back of armscye mid way between the cervical and the base of the armscye.
Neck Size:- The girth measured around the base of the neck touching the cervical and front collar bone.
Shoulder:- The measurement taken from the base of the side neck to the shoulder age.
Upper arm:- The girth measured around the upper arm midway between the shoulder and the elbow. The measurement is taken from the arm bent.
Wrist:- The girth measured at the base of the arm over the wrist bone.
Scye depth:- The measurement from the cervical to a line which touches to the base of the armscye.
Neck to Waist:- The measurement taken from cervical to the waist line.
Waist to hip:- The measurement taken from the waistline to the heap/seat line.

Cervical height measurement taken from the cervical to the soles of feet.
Body rise measurement taken on a seated figure from the side waist line to the top of the stool.
Inside leg measurement taken from crotch to the soles of the feet.
Arm length measurement from shoulder edge to wrist bone.
Head circumference the horizontal girth of the head.
Vertical trunk measurement taken from the center of one shoulder,down the back, under the crotch returning over the abdomen and chest to the original shoulder position.
The girth measured at the base of the leg just above the ankle bone.
Measurement of the foot from the heel to the top of the big toe.

Before planning or selecting suits and dresses, watch children at play. Notice good and bad points in what they have on, then choose clothes that encourage the running, climbing, squatting and jumping that make up the activity of a normal child. Good designs have action, features such as raglan sleeves that permit long, high reaches, seats with extra length and spread for squatting, and shoulders with small tucks or gathers set in for give. In addition, the garment must fit the individual child, otherwise good points of design may be lost.

As growth must be considered a s well as activity. Girl Dresses with looseness or fullness adjust them-selves to a growing Children Clothes, and make it possible to buy garments that fit comfortably from the beginning. Those that must be grown into rarely, if ever, feel right or look right. Moreover, Baby Clothes that are too large can be just as restrictive and harmful as those that are too small. Certain allowances for growth, particularly in length, always have to be provided.

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