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Kids Clothes Compromise

Kids Clothes Compromise, Family conflicts over Kids Clothing often start when youth enter their pre-teen years. Many times the conflict is not about Boys clothing. The real issue is often about independence and control. Learning to put the issue in perspective can help keep family conflicts over clothing to a minimum.


Flip chart and marker
Overhead projector and screen
Clothing for "Trading Places" activity
"What Would You Do?" instructions (A-5-a)
"Is the Battle Worth Fighting?" handout (A-5-b)
"Clothing Compromises" handout (A-5-c)
"Big Ideas About Parent-Teen Conflict"transparency (A-5-d)
"My Mom Tells Me..."transparency (A-5-e)

Core Concepts

Experimenting with fashion and clothing is a normal stage of youth development.
Peers are a significant influence on clothing choices for youth and adults.
Parenting styles influence the management of conflict with in families.


Learners will understand family clothing conflicts between youth and parents.
Learners will gain skills for keeping clothing conflicts to a minimum.

Facilitator's Script

It is rare when adolescents get through their teen years without a fashion face-off with their parents. It starts as youth approach their teens and begin to test their independence. At the same time, parents often have trouble admitting that their sons and daughters are growing up and are no longer Children Clothes.

Conflicts over clothing are often one of the first signs of independence. Most conflicts are between mothers and daughters. Sometimes mothers want to keep their daughters looking like little girls for as long as possible. On the other hand, most youth want to dress like their older friends. Add to the picture such things as price, quality and the unending desire for Baby Clothing, and a trip to the mall can quickly turn into a mall brawl.

For example, Jessie Simpson loves to see her daughter dressed like the sweet, whole some child she knows her to be. Her ideal out fit for her 11 year old daughter would be a pretty skirt, blouse and a cardigan sweater with matching tights and flat shoes.

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Like most preteen girls, her daughter is after a different look. She wants to wear form-fitting and body-baring outfits inspired by pop singers, or Baby Clothing so loose it is a wonder the items stay in place. Add to that picture her desire to wear platform shoes, makeup and perhaps various body piercing. What happens? The two images result in a family conflict. Often a power struggle will begin.

For youth, obsession with appearance is a sign of growing up. Youth begin to change from being a child to becoming independent in their early teens. During this time, youth are trying to figure out who they are. It is normal to try on different identities and personalities. They yearn to be independent and older. The choices made by youth in clothing help them show their independence. It also allows them to experiment with different personalities. No one can deny that youth make outlandish clothing selections at times. Resist the temptation to comment on their choices with words that can destroy self-esteem.

Instead of criticizing or insulting youth for their lack of taste, back off and give them room to experiment and try new things. Making their own clothing choices gives youth a sense of self, of power and of connection to others. All are essential experiences for growing up to be an independent adult. Parents often view the conflict as the result of excessive peer pressure by youth. In reality, all adults and youth choose clothing based on the groups to which they belong. We depend on clues from our friends about how to dress. While we all dress to fit in with our group, acceptance is even more important to youth.

Peer pressure about what is cool to wear climbs as youth approach the 8th to 9th grade but will decline after that. Clothing is one of the first ways they begin to establish an identity separate from their family. Things will get better as the teen gets older. Teen interest in style is often a way of saying they want others to like or accept them. The quest for being cool is often a quest for being liked.

Because clothing is easily seen, it often becomes a source of conflict. The real issue for many parents, how ever, is that they want their children to stay children. They are reluctant to admit their children are growing up. For parents, it is important to remember that clothing choices are not worth sacrificing a relationship with your children.

It is essential to learn how to compromise on clothing issues. As a parent, you do not have to like how youth dress as long as they do not cross established boundaries. There are any number of power struggles that emerge as youth grow into independent adults. Keep your right to say "no" for important issues. Realize that "giving in" on things that do not affect your child health or safety does not mean you are giving up your authority as a parent. It simply means your child is growing more independent.

While sometimes you need to define limits on what your children can wear, selecting clothing allows youth to gain skills in making decisions. Their style decisions in clothing may not reflect your tastes and preferences. Ask yourself what can be gained or lost if you insist that your teen dress your way. Constantly trying to dictate clothing choices to teens is a losing effort. Not only will you lose money and a relationship with your child, your child will not gain the needed skills in learning to make decisions for himself or herself.

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